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Take Place at the Forefront of Social Media Advertising With TikTok

As the newest social media platform, TikTok advertising may raise eyebrows for certain businesses. Its unfamiliarity can sometimes intimidate or cause doubt in companies’ willingness to take the TikTok plunge. However, we’re here to tell you that a good social strategy implies flexibility and open mindedness when considering a new advertising platform.

Depending on your business, you may come to realize that TikTok ads are the exact opportunity you’ve been looking for. As a matter of fact, TikTok is considered to be the rising star of social media networks, predicted to be the next biggest platform as it currently surpasses massive competitors.

Tiktok’s emphasis on user-generated content has no longer solely captured the attention of Gen Z but Millennials as well, on top of the 37.5% of users over 30 years old . Major brands such as Nike and Gucci realized this switch and have consequently paved the way for all brands, big or small, to successfully advertise on TikTok.

On that topic, read how Jenna Labiak, founder of Silk Labs got over 100k followers and 3.4 million likes in just over two years.

Setting Up a TikTok Campaign

A good TikTok advertising strategy does not require deep pockets but it should include a campaign objective (traffic, conversion, or app install), placement and targeting, budgeting, scheduling, optimizing, data-backed design, and targeted copy.

By testing opportunities, optimizing campaigns, measuring results and following best practices, we deliver a bulletproof social strategy and the best possible performance. Our social specialists ensure your goals are met whether you are looking for awareness, conversions, or both.

Paid Social Capabilities

From in-feed ads to brand takeover, Bloom works hand-in-hand
with your in-house team and TikTok representatives to plan and execute
your media campaign. 


  • Create Performance-Driven Creatives
  • Strategy and Planning
  • Write Engaging Ad Copy
  • Identify Qualified Audiences
  • Implement conversion tracking
  • Account set up
  • Ad creation


  • Budget reallocation
  • A/B Tests
  • Data-Driven Optimization


  • Create Report
  • Document findings
  • Analysis and Insights
  • Recommendations

Grow Your Brand With a Solid TikTok Ads Strategy

  • Work with bilingual media specialists experienced in local, national and international growth
  • Benefit from our extensive experience in e-commerce for multiple industries, including apparel, jewelry, beauty and more.
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